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Meet the owner:

I am the owner and creator of MJ's Cutie Pawz and Padz.

I have always loved living life around large breed dogs, so to mesh the two is a dream.

I am currently building my small business specifically specializing in large breed dogs 60+ pounds.

Offering the large dog community gluten free dog treats, cute collars, leashes and other dog related merchandise.

Here at MJ's Cutie Pawz and Padz, people and their dogs are always welcome any time!

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Meet the Pawz and Padz.

images of Hilo and Daisy

Hilo is our 195 pound Harlequin Great Dane & Daisy is a 95 pound Great Pyrenees.

Hilo, is just a BIG love who likes to spend his days sleeping, or being a nosy neighbor, keeping an eye on the neighborhood by looking over our 6ft fence and/or greeting anyone who happens to walk by our home.

Daisy, is our rescue who we adopted at 8 weeks old at an adoption event.

Daisy loves to pester Hilo.

Being a livestock guard dog breed, she keeps our yard free of "predators" which only includes butterflies and/or any bugs she finds.

As fur parents we know the importance of giving back and supporting our local rescues. This is why at the end of each year MJ's Cutie Pawz & Padz will be donating a portion of the profits to our local rescues. As well as donating dog treats monthly. The organizations will change yearly so we can contribute to the animal community as much as possible.

We at MJ's Cutie Pawz and Padz look forward to you joining our community of customers/friends.

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Phone: (208) 949-1702
Email: mjscutie_pawzandpadz@yahoo.com